Do You Need Chiro After a Car Accident?

by | Oct 21, 2019 | Accidents and Falls

If you or a loved one has been involved in a car accident, you may wonder if chiropractic adjustment is needed. Car accidents can cause a wide range of injury to just about every part of the body. Some injuries may be minor while others may be more severe. Some injuries may require hospitalisation or even surgery. The first and most important step after an accident is to make sure that you are seen by a medical professional. For major accidents, this can often mean going into hospital for an X-ray, MRI or other diagnostic tests to be done in order to assess your injuries. For minor accidents, this can mean seeing your primary physician to check for any damage to any part of your body.

Once you have received treatment for any immediate injuries and been cleared by your doctor, you can continue your healing. This is where chiropractic adjustment helps after accidents. Many accident victims find that aches and pains can often only begin to appear a while after the accident. This may take the form of a stiff neck that will not ease, a sore back, sore shoulders or even something commonly experienced after accidents, such as whiplash.

Should You Get Chiropractic Adjustment After a Car Accident

When would you need chiropractic adjustment after being involved in an accident? Here are some of the reasons that you may need extra help from your chiropractor.

You have whiplash.

Whiplash is one of the more common injuries after car accidents. The impact of the crash, combined with the mechanism of your seatbelt cause your body to move forward and suddenly stop, at great speed. This jolting motion puts a huge amount of pressure on the neck, often resulting in whiplash. A good chiro can help ease your whiplash, realigning your neck safely and gently to reduce pain.

You have any other back or neck injury.

If you have any other injury in your back or neck that did not require surgery, seeing a chiropractor can help to provide relief from joint stiffness, muscle tears and various other injuries that may have occurred during the accident. Realignment can help set joints back into place and dry needling can help soothe aching muscles.

You have pain in your upper body.

Sometimes, being in an accident can leave you with upper body pain that is non-specific. You may simply feel as though everything in your upper body aches, even if you do not have any injury. Accidents are traumatic, physically and emotionally. They can also cause major stress and anxiety. Seeing your chiro can help to ease soreness and also treat stress, providing relief after each session.

It is important to note that chiropractic treatments are not always covered by all insurance providers. Your Durban chiropractor will advise on the best course of treatment for your specific injury. Chiropractic adjustment from an experienced chiropractor forms a highly beneficial part of an integrative healing strategy alongside any other treatment plan your doctor may prescribe.