Does My C-Section Baby Need To See A Chiropractor?

by | Aug 13, 2019 | Chiro and Pregnancy

Does a C-section baby need chiropractic treatment? How does a chiropractor treat newborn babies? Should you consider treatments after your C-section? If you are wondering whether your newly born C-section baby would benefit from chiropractic treatment, you may be unsure how the process works. To help you better understand, we have put together a short guide that answers your questions and provides better peace of mind.

Chiropractic Treatment for C-Section Babies

Unlike chiropractic treatment for older children and adults, treatments for newborn c-section babies are designed to provide very gentle manipulation. It may seem strange to think of newborns needing this type of treatment, but many newborns – especially those born by C-section – may benefit from gentle treatment. In this guide, we take a closer look at this treatment to explain how it works and when it might help.

When would newborns need chiropractic care?

In South Africa, C-section births are very common. Women who are not able to give birth naturally due to complications will often require C-section. However they are born, all babies have a misaligned spine from birth. In many cases, this can result in a number of complications, from discomfort to colic and nursing issues. To assist babies battling with such complications, a specialised type of chiropractic care was developed especially for newborns.

How do C-section babies benefit from chiropractic care?

There are several benefits offered to C-section newborns. Some of the top advantages provided by treatments include the following:

  • Reduced risk of earache and ear infections
  • Reduced colic and acid reflux
  • Reduced fussiness and discomfort
  • Better sleep
  • Easier nursing
  • Improved immune system
  • Supported nervous system
  • Easier crawling, walking and teething
  • Fewer complications caused by subluxations

Will C-section babies struggle during treatments?

A good chiropractor will always ensure that your baby is comfortable and safe throughout any treatment. Unlike treatments for adults, there is no spinal adjustments or cracking. Instead, very gentle pressure is applied to soothe and align without the need for painful or uncomfortable positioning. These treatments are safe with no risks involved. There may be some areas that are a bit sensitive but you will never have to worry about harsh pressure or manipulation.

What about C-section moms?

New moms will benefit from treatment just as much as new babies. The C-section procedure can be traumatic for both mom and baby. Like any other major surgery, the healing process requires time and gentle treatment to help assist healing. Going for treatment with your baby is a good way to help your own spine while helping your baby at the same time. This will help you both recover more quickly.

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