How Can Chiropractors Assist Marathon Runners?

by | Jun 24, 2019 | Chiro and Sport, Legs

While there is no doubt that chiropractic treatment helps those with back pain, seeing a chiropractor for runners can not only help treat pain or injury but also improve performance. Sports injuries can often lead to spinal misalignment. As a high impact sports, running can lead to damaged muscles, pinched nerves and even skeletal system damage in extreme cases. Whether training for a marathon or partaking in a big race, it is essential to prepare your body in order to run at your best. A good chiropractor for runners will offer a range of treatments that typically include kinesio taping, acupuncture and manual adjustments. These treatments can help you prepare for your upcoming marathon, preventing injury and ensuring that your joints are able to withstand the pressure of a long race.

Top Reasons to See a Chiropractor for Runners

If you have an upcoming marathon ahead and you have been trying to deal with past injuries, strains or even get a performance boost, seeing an experienced sports chiropractor offers a number of advantages. Some of the biggest reasons to see a chiropractor for runners include the following:

Promote fast healing for injuries or strain.

If you find yourself dealing with a running injury prior to your marathon, a chiropractor will be able to fast-track the healing process. Specialised treatments help to boost blood flow to affected areas, using manual manipulation to assist the body in healing itself. It is not only your back that will be treated – chiropractors can also assist with knee injuries and other injuries that are common to runners. Working on the soft tissue around the joints helps to heal injuries to knees, ankles and hips.

Promote effective pain management.

Running injuries can be painful, with many causing discomfort and suffering for weeks on end. When you have an upcoming event to start training for, this can be hugely frustrating. Chiro treatments are an excellent way to reduce pain and reduce the time frame that you would typically experience the pain. If you are not a fan of painkillers or you cannot afford to spend weeks waiting for the pain to go away, chiropractic care can help to manage pain and discomfort without the need for excessive painkillers.

Promote risk of further damage or injury.

Running on an injured knee, ankle or hip or with a misaligned spine can end up causing far more damage than you realise. Many runners ignore pain, injury or stiffness, thinking that they will seek help once the marathon is over. As chiropractors see the body as a whole, they help runners reduce the risk of further injury with careful treatments that keep the entire body aligned. This, in turn, helps to increase performance, reducing the risk of injury during training and during the event.

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